Sidereal moon sign

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Hello all with taurus moon.

Now I want you to think about sidereal astrology. When using sidereal chart, your planets move one sign backwards; you all have then Aries moon.

I prefer sidereal astrology, since it is grounded on real constellations unlike our usual tropical astrology. And now I give you a short interpretation based on your real constellation/sidereal sign, where your moon actually is located :

Moon in sidereal Aries: Your mind is straightforward, stubborn and active in general. You need mobility and something to do in your everyday life. Your habits are very independent. You are friend of impulsive and courage demanding hobbies. You are dynamic and straight to show your emotions. Sometimes you behave aggressive and authoritative to others. You may be dominant and selfish when your mind rules your behaving. Impetuosity and challenging temperament are relevant parts of your everyday character.

What do you think?
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    Wed, May 5, 2010 - 10:41 AM
    It's important to note that not every tropical taurus moon will have aries moon in sidereal. You should do a sidereal chart drawing to be certain!

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